2013 Results

2013 finals

Finals Day - Saturday 14th September was abandoned because of the weather, the green keeper declaring the green unfit for play. With end of season upon us and players taking holiday it was impossible to reschedule the matches. All bowlers reachings the finals were declared ‘Finalists’ with no outright winners.

The exception was the ladies championship which with small numbers was played as a league. A number of ladies really excelled and the final positions weren't determined till the end of the season when Marcia Garlick was a clear winner

A new innovation this year was the 'Friday Night Singles Leagues' where players played against other members in divisions of comparable handicaps. The competitions were more informal but no less competitive particularly in division 1 where there was much friendly rivalry between the Haggars and Harry Peters. I think the experiment was a success; but it's now down to the members to decide whether they want the leagues to be a regular feature in future years. Winners this year were:

  • Division 1 - Dave Haggar
  • Division 2 - Giovanni Cataldo
  • Division 3 - Dave McAree